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  •  To provide security for the valuables The Veraval Mercantile Co-operative Bank Ltd. provides Locker Facility to account holders at very economical charges with nominal deposit.
The Locker facility is available at following branches in different sizes as per your requirement :
  •  Main Branch, Veraval
  •  Rayon Branch, Veraval
  •  Una Branch
  •  Sutrapada Branch
  •  Junagadh Branch
  •  Rajkot Branch
  •  Keshod Branch
  •  Manavadar Branch
  •  Bedi Branch
  •  Zanzarda Road Branch, Junagadh
Terms and conditions :
  •  The lockers are of different sizes and the rate of rent varies with the size of the locker.
  •  Rents are payable in advance within due date.
  •  You can have an individual as well as joint locker account.
  •  The Names can be add or delete from locker account.
  •   Nomination facility is available for Safe Deposit Lockers also.
  •  Those who opt for annual payment and default in payment will not be allowed to operate the locker till the arrear rent is cleared.
  •  Operations will be allowed during the declared hours of business.
  •  Before you leave the Vault, please check that your Locker is closed properly.
  •  Locker will be allotted subject to availability. It is desirable to open an account in the name all of locker holders with our bank for debiting locker rent.
  •  As far as possible, give standing instructions to debit locker rent.
  •  Bank has right to make change in any terms & conditions
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