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RuPay Debit Cum ATM Card

  •  The RuPay Debit Cards is an Indian domestic card scheme for online transactions and payments through RuPay PaySecure an e-Commerce solution of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The RuPay Card can be used at all ATMs, POS in India for online transactions and payments.
Regular Savings Account :
  •  Any individual having Savings account with instructions to withdraw with one signature can get RuPay Debit Card.
  •  In case of Current account with sole partnership can enjoy the RuPay Debit card facility.
  •  The RuPay Debit card is issued for eight year and then it can be renewed.
Important Tips for Using ATMs :
  •  Keep changing your Pin at regular interval..
  •  Never share your Pin (Personal Identification Number) of ATM / Debit Card detail to anyone even to your kith & kin or Bank staff.
  •  Complete your ATM transaction yourself without getting help from any outsider
  •  Ensure that there is no shoulder surfing (looking over by someone shoulder to get information of your Pin) in while performing ATM transaction.
  •  Always collect your Debit Card after completing your transaction before leaving the ATM site. In case of failed transaction cancel the transaction and exit.
  •  Beware of any unusual thing on card slot. Watch out for any additional device overlaying the key pad or camera is placed to capture key pad. If you suspect anything, please inform any bank branch nearest to you.
  •  Avoid using the ATM which is not properly lit during night.
  •  Register your Mobile number with Bank to get SMS alerts.
IMPORTANT - Terms & Conditions for Debit Card

Please read the listed Terms & Conditions carefully before using The Veraval Mercantile Co-operative Bank RuPay Debit cum ATM card.

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